Emilio and I have worked with Rowan and Nicky for the last 7 years  and in that time they have done a fantastic job of promoting the Sanchez-Casal Academy in the UK. I've worked on court with Rowan many times over the years and he is a great coach and passionate about our sport
~ Sergio Casal (co-founder of the Academia Sanchez-Casal) August 2013
Rowan, Nicky and the team run a fantastic, summer camp. They pitch the warm ups, activities and games at just the right level, to keep everyone involved and entertained all day...Which is a skill! As a result of attending the camps during the summer my child's confidence has grown... he was given the opportunity to try new experiences (and team games) and learn new skills which challenged him, and all of which he enjoyed. Most importantly he came home exhausted but happy having had fun with new friends outside of school.
~ Janette Campbell Nov 2013
Since joining DTLS our daughters progress in tennis has rocketed. The professional set up and high standard of coaching is hard to beat. The girls hugely ejoy the performance squads and love the summer camps. The girls focus on all aspects of a tennis player; fromt echnique and specifi fitness to strategies and tactics. Preparing them fully for competition.  
~ Sophia Fisher June 2018
I've known Rowan for nearly 30 years and when it comes to teaching tennis he is pure class. He makes learning fun for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. His work ethic is exceptional and no matter what level he is teaching he structures the session to maximizes player development. Rowan has taught me so much about teaching tennis.
~Gary Henderson (Tennis Director and former ATP player) April 2013 
Rowan has taught me since I was 10 years old. Over the last 10 years he has been totally committed to the improvement of my tennis in every aspect. He continually corrects, maintains and improves my technique, assists me tactically and talks through strategy before and after matches. I am now 20 years old and playing professional tennis. I have both a singles and doubles world ranking.

I would recommend anyone to have lessons with Rowan
~ David Porter July 2013
Rowan is a brilliant coach; we spend as much time on the 'why' as we do on the 'how'. Our sessions are totally reprogramming my tennis brain after 30+ years of playing the game! A revelation!
~ Ian Campbell Nov 2013 *
I learnt so much on the first day. By the end of the week I’ll be amazing
~Isabella Gibson (Age 7) July 2013
Rowan knows tennis inside out and his attention to detail on technique is second to none. Always willing to try new drills and varying the practice sessions his lessons remain fresh while be grounded in the essentials of great technique coupled with effective movement.  Over the last two years my children have progressed beyond recognition whilst having fun and enjoying their tennis
~David Gibson (Parent) Nov 2013
Thank you so much for organising the tennis holiday, you guys struck the perfect mix of tennis coaching and relaxing! Even though I have played for a long time and Suzy had just picked up a racquet, you catered for us both equally and even managed to mix us together after a few days....surprisingly! Above all we had a lot of fun with a fab group of people! Please let me know where and when the next trip is going to be!
~ Lee McGann  May 2013
6 months ago I thought my tennis was as good as it was ever going to get then I started having lessons with Rowan. He makes small changes which are manageable but with immediate results so you really believe you can improve. He is an encouraging and enthusiastic coach who is actually Interested in seeing progress.
~ Debbie Holman June 2013
Really fun and a great way to spend my holidays.  The coaches are really friendly and my tennis improved loads over a few days.
~ Becky Gelder (Age 14)  August 2013
Down The Line Sports offer: The best technical coaching for young juniors in our region – enabling juniors to develop better technique than other coaches in a manner that is more engaging for younger people. Solid technical coaching for adults that can really improve the game and fitness of older players. Great coaching opportunities with Sanchez Casal workshops – a unique opportunity for local players to train with the stars who developed Murray. Tennis camps at home and in Italy that really develop ones fitness and technique through hard work that is fun and rewarding to do. At the end of the day “the proof of the pudding”  with an hour or two a week, Ed is now number 20 in Yorkshire and my team won the York League!
~ Rodger Hobson Dec 2013
Rowan Moss coaches both my children; Rowan has always been extremely professional, approachable and accommodating.  Rowans knowledge, understanding and expertise of tennis are evident in each and every lesson and I feel completely confident that my children are getting the very best coaching.    He recognises my sons’ differing personalities and therefore adapts exceptionally well to them as individuals.   He has made changes to my oldest son’s game and improved his serve and technique massively, as a result his confidence has grown and he has started to believe in his own ability, it has enabled him to have the confidence to not only start competing but really enjoy competing win or lose.  Both my children are always eager to get to their lessons and thoroughly enjoy them.  I would recommend Rowan to anyone and I am extremely grateful to have him as their tennis coach.
~ Nushka Stanley December 2013
As a more mature person (age 55), Rowan introduced me to tennis in an extremely professional, yet fun, way. He is very skilled at observing, then breaking down actions, to enable each of his pupils to improve to the best of their ability. Highly recommend making use of his expertise.
~ Chris Kavanagh October 2013
From an anxious beginner, who hadn’t picked up a tennis racket for over forty years, Rowan has encouraged, clarified and inspired me into feeling confident to walk on court without feeling foolish. He uses analysis, humour and professional expertise, constantly adapting the coaching to suit my needs and skills level.
~ Sylvia Richardson September 2013
Great fun!  The coaches were friendly and supportive.  I am an active person so it was an amazing way to spend some days of the summer holiday.
~ Dan Gelder (Age 12) August 2013
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